Vitamin D is more than just a bone vitamin

Latest research is showing that vitamin D is responsible for much more than just bone health. This sunshine vitamin is proving important for respiratory health, reducing cancer incidents after menopause, insulin resistance and much more.

There is an emerging epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency in the Western world, even though its readily available and in plentiful supply from sunlight on our skin. We spend so much time indoors, behind glass and actively reducing sun exposure with sunscreen and clothing to reduce skin cancer that we are missing out on this essential vitamin.

Here are some facts:-

Vitamin D supplementation has been proven to reduce the risk of Cancer by 60% to 80% in postmenopausal women.

Recent research has shown that Vitamin D supplementation has a beneficial role in the prevention and treatment of infectious illness including being highly protective against respiratory infections in middle-aged women.

Vitamin D aids in blood sugar control and helps reduce the risk of stress induced insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes.

Vitamin D supplementation reduces the risk of hip and non-vertebral fractures compared to calcium

Vitamin D supplementation may be protective against autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis and Type 1 Diabetes

Vitamin D plays a role in muscle strength, function and balance and is associated with a reduction in falls in the elderly.

Consider whether you are:-  getting midday sun for 15 minutes each day, covering up too much or iindoors too much, You may need to supplement with capsules at 1000 daily.