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5 Signs that you need a liver detox

liverhealthIs your liver crying out for help? Did you know that the two main roles of your liver are to break down toxins that enter the body and clear them out, and to help maintain good digestion.  Two very important jobs that keep other areas of your health in check. Many people today have a high toxic load and overburdened livers.  Could this be you? Continue reading

An accident that changed the history of medicine

penicillin It was early on a September morning in 1928 when a Scottish biologist called Fleming walked into his laboratory after a family holiday. He checked Petrie dishes that had been left on his bench for weeks in which he was growing cultures of staphylococci bacteria, and what he discovered next revolutionised modern medicine forever. Continue reading

6 Ways to Maintain Good Respiratory Health

Young happy woman in green field1. Practice taking deep breaths daily
Did you know that all the muscles used for breathing can be strengthened through training just like other skeletal muscles? By strengthening respiratory muscles we can improve both lung capacity and function. Research has shown that a daily six-week routine of 20 maximal inhalations, held each for ten seconds, will show a significant improvement. Similar studies have shown that yoga-style breathing and, slow and fast breaths, can improve the flow rate of both inhalation and exhalation. Continue reading