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Herbal Medicine: It goes far beyond just replacing drugs

This is a great article by Amy Goodrich. Enjoy !

St John’s Wort – a well researched herb

When we are sick we go to the doctor, right? Have you ever thought of seeking advice and guidance somewhere else? In America, the use of herbs is significantly overshadowed by dependence on modern medicine. Big Pharma and pill-pushing doctors have made us believe we need those drugs to cure our symptoms and diseases.

While most Americans blindly follow the white coat, know that 75 percent of the global population still use traditional, herbal healing practices to get better. Herbal medicine has been around for more than 5,000 years. These time-tested natural remedies use herbs to promote health and prevent and treat illness and pain. Continue reading

An accident that changed the history of medicine

penicillin It was early on a September morning in 1928 when a Scottish biologist called Fleming walked into his laboratory after a family holiday. He checked Petrie dishes that had been left on his bench for weeks in which he was growing cultures of staphylococci bacteria, and what he discovered next revolutionised modern medicine forever. Continue reading