How safe is your drinking water

Tap WaterRegular consumption of clean fresh water prevents fatigue, lethargy, false appetite, bowel accumulation and kidney stress. However, how clean and fresh is our water? Did you know that conventional water treatment is inadequate against chlorine resistant organisms such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, viruses and a variety of other parasites? Approximately 1/3 of Australians suffer irritable bowel syndrome. The cause has not yet been established, but waterborne viruses and parasites are high on the list of suspects.

Other contaminants such copper leaching from pipes and lead leaching from brass tap fittings have also been found in tap water adding to the toxic load of our body.

Good health starts with preventative measures so drink safe clean water to reduce toxin levels, and drink adequate amounts of water to ensure adequate cellular health and hydration.302302_thirst

If you do not filter your drinking water, then you are one.

To encourage everyone to use a quality water filtration system I have arranged a special offer through Genzon Water.

The Lotus Centre proudly uses a Genzon system in the reception area.

Order by phone now and receive $100 off RRP with no shipping costs.

(RRP for 12 litre $495, Special Offer $395)

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  • The Ceramic filter removes organic & inorganic particles
  • 2nd stage filtration cartridge removes bacteria and heavy metals, chamicals & improves taste
  • Natural deep sea mineral stones increase pH alkalinity & oxygen
  • Impregnated silver stones preserve freshness. You never have to clean the tank
  • Magnet on the tap increases energy, increasing antioxidants