Herbal Medicine

A little History of Herbal and Naturopathic medicines

Herbal medicines for the treatment of human diseases have been around for millennia.  By the 19th century, professional herbalism had established itself in the UK by Samuel Thomson and a group of practitioners called the Eclectics whose knowledge was drawn heavily from Native Americans.  In the USA, physiomedicalism evolved from Thomsonian medicine through to the early 20th century,  and Australian herbalists based their practice on physiomedical/Thomsonian philosophy around the same time.

Throughout this history, the passage of knowledge in the use and efficacy of herbal medicines has been handed down from teacher to student.  Much of the knowledge has been drawn from tradition and anecdotal evidence.  Its use has been based on empirical knowledge rather than theoretical data.

Evidence based herbal medicine:

Over the past few decades, valuable research has been done on the chemistry of plants (phytochemistry),  and published scientific literature continues to grow especially as the pharmaceutical industry continues to search for new drugs.  Researchers have no doubt that plants contain chemical constituents that have an actual or potential effect on the human body;  the evidence is in the literature.  Modern Western herbal medicine (or naturopathy) is recognising the importance of recent scientific endeavours in the study of medicinal plants, and blending this science with tradition. This is leading to a “new robust system of Western herbal medicine, best encompassed by the term ‘phytotherapy’ that combines the wisdom of ancient tradition with the cutting edge of current research” (1)

As we enter a new millennium, the practice of herbal medicine is in its ascendancy and continues to evolve. The use of plants for medicines vastly exceeds the use of modern synthetic drugs. Indeed the percentage of the population that uses herbal preparations even without professional consultation is growing.

Enjoy the healing benefits of herbs!

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