Do you pay for drinking water?

12litregenzonIf you don’t use a water filter, then you are one! All my patients know how passionate I am to get them to use a water filter if they don’t already. Reducing toxic load in our bodies is one of the best things we can do as a preventative measure to maintain good health. Boiling water does not remove toxins such as particulates, trihalomethanes (from chlorine), heavy metals, bacteria and parasites. Drinking filtered water means you are not consuming these toxins and you become better hydrated.

If you buy water to drink, consider how much you spend in a year and then look at this great offer from Genzon Water. Buy one of these and you’ll never have to buy quality drinking water again.

Why do I endorse Genzon Water filtration system? Because it not only purifies the water, it remineralises and magnetises it. Making it the closest you can get to drinking water from a pristinewaterfall mountain stream. Learn more here

I have made it easy for you…. You receive a $100 discount and no delivery charge for 12 litre  $395 (rrp $495)  or 5 litre portable system $345 (rrp $445) when you order through me. Call now 0412 208 982