NASA Body Test

Body Composition Analysis can provide an accurate and objective assessment of many of the “markers of wellness” in our body. By analysing specific biological “markers” an accurate status of your health can be recorded and your health practitioner can target the areas of your health that need attention. The test measures your:

  • Fat mass
  • Muscle mass
  • Biological age
  • Cellular toxicity
  • Cellular fluid levels
  • Cellular vitality


Analysis is done using bioimpedance testing developed for the space program by NASA and validated in over 2000 scientific tests.

Electrodes are placed on your hand and foot and a gentle current measures levels of resistance within your body. These figures are then interpreted through a sophisticated computer program that measures biomarkers of health and ageing.

You receive a 2 page graphical colour report to keep showing your results and a full assessment by Linda Krick, an accredited Medical Herbalist.

Testing is quick, safe, painless and non-invasive.  Cost $60.00

How can it help you

You can then make necessary changes to improve areas of weakness to ensure you maintain the best of health and wellbeing as you age. If you follow a health program to gain muscle or to improve cellular health or lose weight, a regular Body Composition Analysis can be motivating and fulfilling, as you see figures change over time.

Linda is qualified to perform Body Composition Analysis.

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