Artificial Sweeteners and why you shouldn’t consume them

I enjoy working with my patients to come up with treatment plans that suit them and will give results. However, there are a few things that are not negotiable when it comes to maintaining good health.  Avoiding the consumption of artificial sweeteners is one of them. Whether you chew sugar free gum, diet soft drinks or any food labelled ‘diet’ or ‘zero’ you are consuming aspartame or some other type of artificial sweetener that is detrimental to your health and here’s why:-

A wave of fibromyalgia cases hit the American troops during the Gulf War. Studies revealed that drinking diet soft drink in the 120 degree heat lead to serious health repercussions. Although it was termed “Gulf War Syndrome,” the same problems are occurring for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan now.

“Large quantities of aspartame sweetened diet soft drinks were provided to Gulf War troops, often times sitting in high temperature conditions. This artificial sweetener breaks down at roughly 85 °F (29.5 °C) into, among other things, methanol, formaldehyde, diketopiperazine and formic acid”. (

There is no link between weight loss and consuming artificial sweeteners. They can increase your craving for carbohydrates which are high in dietary kilojoules.
If you need to sweeten food or drinks use stevia, a natural, low calorie, plant derived sweetener… you only need  a pinch.
If your craving for carbs and sugar is overwhelming you may be adrenally exhaused. Consider seeing a naturopath or herbalist to get your health back into balance.