Hello and welcome! I hope I can be of assistance. Let me help to empower you in taking control of your health by finding the most suitable natural treatment regime for your lifestyle. I use herbal liquids and tablets, nutritional supplements and dietary and lifestyle advice to heal and manage illness, or to maintain good health. I can help with many areas of illness including:

            • digestive upsets, bloating, reflux and food intolerances
            • allergies
            • female reproductive health (pre-conception care, natural fertility management, pregnancy health and post-natal care)
            • stress and anxiety
            • immune related conditions
            • weight management
            • acute colds and flu’s.    ….  to name a few

Children respond well to natural remedies as their vital force is so strong and their ailments are usually acute and short lived. It usually takes one short consultation to bring a child’s health back into balance and keep it there.

Today there are many women navigating midlife as the post WWII baby boomers reach their 50’s and 60’s. This is a special area of interest to me. Most women respond well to the natural alternatives to managing many of the symptoms attributed to menopause.

For those of us who enjoy good general health and have an exercise regime as part of our lifestyle, I advise strategies for maintaining or improving wellbeing, by performing body composition analysis. This quick, non-invasive and accurate testing technique can provide information on markers of wellness including your muscle mass, fat mass, cellular health, fluid balance and biological age.

Speaking and health education is a passion and I am available to speak to small groups who are interested in understanding how natural therapies and medicines can benefit in treating many areas of health. I particularly enjoy speaking to small groups of women about managing menopause naturally and other aspects of midlife health.

I have addressed Hepatitis C Support group patients at Nepean hospital on herbal medicine and Hep C and many local community groups on various aspects of health and nutrition.

I consult from the Lotus Centre in Brookvale and make house calls along the northern beaches

Consultations with Linda

Initial Consultation 1-1.5 hours $135

Short followup 30 mins $75

Long followup 45 min $90

Body Composition Analysis $60

Ear Candling $60 per half hour (plus $13 for candles)

Health Fund Rebates may apply

Some background

This is my third career after medical and scientific research, and IT management. Finally, I got it right and I have been in Practice now for over 10 years. Helping others find and maintain good health both physically and emotionally is the most satisfying thing I have ever done. This may be a third career but I feel as if I have come full circle, and this time I bring with me a broad base of experience, skill and most importantly, passion.

The greatest learnings in my life so far:

  • don’t be fearful of change – it’s just change and often leads to something wonderful
  • learn a skill that few others have
  • follow your passion
  • if something seems overwhelming or unobtainable, trust you can acheive it and take little steps